Sustainability in Danish Libraries

I was happy to be part of the first Nordic Libraries Annual conference with the Theme “Towards Sustainable Futures”. I did a keynote about sustainability in Danish libraries mainly centred around UNs Sustainable Development Goals. Here is a recording of the session: The slides are available here Feel free to contact me anytime for a… Continue reading Sustainability in Danish Libraries

New 23 Mobile Things version in North East Florida

It is a new year and also 2015 will be a year of 23 Mobile Things professional development for librarians. I am very happy to welcome North East Florida to the growing 23 Mobile Things family. On the NEFLIN blog I found this description. It is a good explanation of the 23 Mobile Things DNA… Continue reading New 23 Mobile Things version in North East Florida

Libraries Change Lives

There are 65000 libraries in Europe welcoming more than 100 million people each year. That is an amazing knowledge infrastructure to make our communities smarter. In this short video some of these statistics and core values are shared. Libraries connect people and their knowledge  – and support learning and knowledge creation. Spend 90 seconds watching… Continue reading Libraries Change Lives

Welcome to the #23mobilethings family Alaska

I am very proud to welcome another 23 mobile things program to the #23mobilethings familiy – Welcome Alaska #23mobilethingsAK. You are joining thousands of fellow libraraians and library staff from all over the planet in this co-learning opportunity. I wish you all a great learning experience – Here is my welcome video. Learn more about 23 Mobile… Continue reading Welcome to the #23mobilethings family Alaska

What I spend time on these days

I was recently asked what my next spare time project would be. I made a short video for you about how my time is prioritized these days. Lots of learning opportunities – I love that. The video is also a test of the short video blog format that I am considering using more… So tell… Continue reading What I spend time on these days