Libraries Change Lives

There are 65000 libraries in Europe welcoming more than 100 million people each year. That is an amazing knowledge infrastructure to make our communities smarter. In this short video some of these statistics and core values are shared. Libraries connect people and their knowledge  – and support learning and knowledge creation. Spend 90 seconds watching… Continue reading Libraries Change Lives

Introducing library services brick by brick

The combination of fine libraries and LEGO bricks is not new and is often seen in the library blogosphere… It is now wonder. Libraries are magnificent and LEGO is fun – What is not like?This LEGO stop motion movie promotes the Faculty Library of Social Sciences at University of Copenhagen and it is absolutely awesome… Enjoy! The… Continue reading Introducing library services brick by brick

Library advocacy… In stop motion

I want to share this library advocacy stop motion video with you. In 70 seconds it shows some of the great stuff the library offers – and yes… It IS starring a cat as important supporting actor. The movie is made by awesome librarian, upcoming stop motion director and good friend Christian Lauersen . Enjoy!