How libraries change lives

The new digital publication about how libraries change lives in the European Union is fascinating. Members of parliament and library users tell their stories about the power of libraries – and there is video footage of amazing libraries all over Europe. The publication focuses on 3 policy areas: Digital inclusion, Lifelong learning and social inclusion.… Continue reading How libraries change lives

A short introduction to International Librarians Network

I talk a lot about Global Librarianship because I think it is a very useful model to make things happen in our communities. My definition is that Global Librarianship is when you are inspired by global projects from both within the library world and from other fields and you translate that inspiration into making a… Continue reading A short introduction to International Librarians Network

Learning as strategy and 23 mobile things – Workshop at SLNSW

What is the first good idea you will steal and use in your library? This is one of the questions a buzzing room full of motivated and skilled public librarians discussed at a two-hour workshop at the State Library of New South Wales in Sydney on June 9th. Other themes were what new skills our… Continue reading Learning as strategy and 23 mobile things – Workshop at SLNSW

A librarian walks into a bar…

A Friday evening in a bar in Melbourne, Australia. More than 60 librarians is gathered to have a good conversation about libraries, professional development, learning and stealing good ideas! I was proud to do the keynote this evening about Global Librarianship and 23 Mobile Things, Gamifiction, Buy India a Library – and the amazing Dr.… Continue reading A librarian walks into a bar…

The Global Librarian at #EduTechAU

¬†Global librarian is not a title – it is a choice. Global librarianship is a mindset where you seek inspiration from global projects and translate them into making value in your community. In my recent presentation at EduTech in Brisbane, Australia I spoke about learning as a core task and strategy for libraries, skills we… Continue reading The Global Librarian at #EduTechAU