Get a happier life with your library

Watch this video about Danish public libraries in English for people new to Danish society and tell me what you think.

When you’re new in Denmark a lot of things can be confusing. The library is here to help you! Through the library you have access to a world of knowledge, culture, entertainment, social activites, and much much more. Visit your local library or visit us at

Here is an online version of the handout with the same theme:
Get a happier life with your library – ISSUU

2 thoughts on “Get a happier life with your library

  1. Hi! I found your blog and post when I was searching to see who had published this booklet. It’s a nice idea – we visit our libraries with our kids every week, and I grew up with them as a huge part of the local community in the US. However, I was really surprised to see the grammatical errors in this English-language publication. This is exactly the kind of work I do. I had reached out to our local libraries to see if I could be of help as a translator when I opened my freelance business in Køge, but just got a polite “no, thanks”. I have to stop looking at it. I just want to mark it up with a pen! 🙂

  2. Hi Mary
    Thank your for your comment. The fact that I did not catch all the errors when I read it proves your point. As far as I know it is a national project so your local library has not approved the text.
    Also thank you for sharing your library story. I think libraries are more embedded in the local community in the US than here in Denmark – am I right?

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