23 Mobile Things has launched – and you are welcome to join

23The Danish version of 23 Mobile Things is half finished and today the English version launched. I am very proud of this project. If you are new to the smartphone / tablet world this free online learning program could be what you are looking for – or you might know someone who are looking for a course like that?

See the announcement of the project at Tame The Web

..and then head over to 23mobilethings.net and see it for yourself. We would love to connect with you on twitter @23mobilethings and via #23mobilethings

I am so happy to be working with Mylee Joseph and Kathryn Barwick from State Library of New South Wales, Australia and Dr Michael Stephens on this project.

A heartfelt thanks to the participants and hard workers from the Danish edition: Pernille Saul, Sigrid Kjøller and Stine Grabas and the rest of the staff from Guldborgsund-libraries.

[Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moe/7721137/in/pool-77497676@N00/]

4 thoughts on “23 Mobile Things has launched – and you are welcome to join

  1. How great! I was part of the first Danish “23 Ting” back in 2007 (if I remember correctly). I still think it’s one of the most valuable projects I’ve ever been part of. I didn’t know you had a mobile equivalent going – I wish you all the best!!

  2. I wish you and the Aussies good luck with this translation/adaption. You must be proud to see your idea spreading around the globe. I will do my best to promote it with the Dutch version.

    And thanks for bringing Bente and Thor here, my old 23 Things friends 🙂

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