Crowd Funded by Librarians World-Wide – TWIL

This week in Libraries is a rare thing. It is a perfect way to learn about library concepts and innovation for people entering the profession. It is also like a free course to keep your library knowledge up to date for people already a part of the profession. To keep the cameras rolling Eric and… Continue reading Crowd Funded by Librarians World-Wide – TWIL

Letter from World Libraries

Dear Librarian Congratulations on joining the team at World Libraries. We are glad to have you as a part of our world-wide team of library enthusiasts. Your special focus will be to improve your community by sharing and generating knowledge and always contribute to learning. We also expect you to work for libraries world-wide and… Continue reading Letter from World Libraries

3 things that inspired me this week

The Uni Imagine having the possibility to move the library learning space outdoors to meet the people, creating a place for learning, being inspired and making connections in the community. That is just some of the things The Uni will make possible. “The Uni is a new kind of shared learning environment, capable of supporting… Continue reading 3 things that inspired me this week

Crowdsourcing the Future of Libraries

Crowdsourcing the future of libraries was what the local librarians at my library did with the Cycling for Libraries participants – and you can be a part of this too! How you can contribute Make a comment to this post Add photos of your own Post-it´s about the topic at the Flickr pool  – and make… Continue reading Crowdsourcing the Future of Libraries

Follow a library on twitter

On October 1st 2010 it is going to be #followalibrary day on Twitter. I think everybody should know what their library has to offer for their learning opportunities, for leisure and for inspiring reads, listens and expanding the way we see the world.  I recommend that you follow a library on twitter. The people behind… Continue reading Follow a library on twitter