A librarians summer (vacation) diet

About a month ago my good friend Buffy Hamilton shared this post from Chris Brogan. It inspired me to plan a summer diet for myself. I am on vacation for the next three weeks – and shortly after that I head to Helsinki for the IFLA conference. During my vacation I will…

Unplug more – Disconnect to connect
I have been thinking about and practicing more unplugging from social media lately. I am busy at work and I value my network in my spare time. What I learn from people on twitter is hard to overrate – but most important to me is being present with whatever I experience and the people I find valuable. Unplugging from technology focuses my attention to where it is supposed to be at vacation time – with my wife and wonderful son and daughter. Rule: max 45 minutes of social media a day: Twitter that is. No Facebook or G+ – at least a week of total unplugging.

Summer reading: I will read more of what I save to Instapaper
I save an awful lot to read later at InstaPaper. I must learn to save less and read more. For summer reading I will focus on InstaPaper and read a lot of valuable stuff waiting for me there… And in the future I will be more brutal when I hit “Save to InstaPaper”.

I will read lot’s of children books with the kids
Because it is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

I will lay in the grass and look at the clouds – If weather permits.
I am a full grown man
I will lay… lay… lay
In the grass
…All day.

I will listen to an album a day – Because the album is still a strong artform

Often I listen to a few songs from different artists to hear new stuff or tunes from favorite albums. Spending time on listening to a whole album is rare these days. Summer is a oppertunity to enjoy albums as intended

Get on the bike – or run
I bicycle around 10 kilometres a day at workdays. I will get at least half an hour of excercise during vacation time too. (#notetoself)
When I cycle I will send warm thoughts to the awesome library unconference Cycling for Libraries – If you want to re-read what happened when they visited my library last year – Here’s a link for you.

I will use the summer to think about personal goals
Summer vacation time is a bit like New Year – but the weather is better. I’ll make “walk and think” appointments with myself to set personal goals for the rest of the year.

Not think
I will also take some time to clear my mind. Practice mindfulness 20 minutes a day – Without falling asleep that is! ๐Ÿ™‚ – I will be Zen-ish!

That is all…

3 thoughts on “A librarians summer (vacation) diet

  1. Sounds perfect Jan, enjoy! I especially like the “walk & think” appointments, very cool idea. I definitely have different thought patterns when I am exercising/walking/not at my desk then when I am stationary. Oh & of course I like the read more children’s books idea too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I think I get some of my best ideas when I bicycle to work so I agree… Looking forward to the walk and think stuff too ๐Ÿ™‚
    There are a lot of very good Danish childrens books. I often look for translations to give them as gifts to international friends – and very few are translated. I might share links to some of those who are at a later time.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on this blog post.

  3. Re-reading this very thoughtful piece right now. Thanks Jan. I am heading to visit family next week and this week I’m just tying up loose ends, relaxing, and getting ready for the new few months at the library.

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